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Microinvestments, Mega Impact

ISY Microinvestments is a student-led group that explores service learning through the perspective of development and more specifically micro-credit and finance. Previously known as Microloans,…
Community Action

Unearth your Love for the Planet!

On Wednesday, April 21st, three of ISY’s environmental service groups (Eco-Schools, Green Initiative, and Community Action) collaboratively created a virtual celebration of Earth Day across…

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Compassion to Infinity and Beyond

| ISY | No Comments
From February 2nd to 5th, students from grades 6 to 10 were engaged in a 4-day-long intercultural collaborative project called Students Without Borders (SWB). Several…

Trinity Promotes Sustainability in the Vicinity

| Community Action, Eco Schools, Green Initiative, ISY | No Comments
A triple combination of ISY’s environmental service learning groups recently banded together to fight off trash in Yangon and raise awareness! From January 18th to…

One small step for MUN, one giant leap for MUNkind

| ISY | No Comments
On Dec 12, 2020, ISY students from both Middle and High School attended a virtual Model United Nations Conference, the second-ever Virtual YMUN conference. This…

To Dye For

| LatYa | No Comments
Hey everyone! We’re a new service group at ISY called Lat Ya! We were previously known as “Doh Eain'' as we were affiliated with the…