Hey everyone! We’re a new service group at ISY called Lat Ya! We were previously known as “Doh Eain” as we were affiliated with the non-profit enterprise that went by the name of Doh Eain. We were unfortunately unable to continue this partnership due to difficulties brought about by COVID. We are now rebranding as Lat Ya which translates to “hand print” in Burmese. We chose this name to reflect our hands-on experiences in this group and our hopes of leaving a mark. With inspiration taken from Doh Eain’s goals of creating a cleaner Myanmar, our goal is to develop an environment that promotes an inclusive and interactive community in ISY.

As our first project, we will be working on ISY’s peace garden in the hopes of making it a more welcoming environment for students. The Peace Garden had once been a bright and vibrant space where students ate lunch, had class, or just hung out. However, over the years, the peace garden has overgrown, leading to an abundance of messy plants, moss, and bugs. This led to a decrease in the number of visits to the peace garden, making it a forgotten corner of ISY. Our end goal is to bring the Peace Garden up to its full potential and make it a location for students to enjoy.

Due to COVID-19, Lat Ya is currently unable to directly work on the renovation at school. In order to stay productive during these times, we have decided to start a fundraising campaign selling tie-dye clothing to raise money for the materials required during the renovation. Currently, we are selling various types of tie dye merchandise with customizable colors, such as hoodies, scrunchies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, socks, and tank tops. Students who are interested in purchasing some of our products can visit our Instagram page @tiedyeproject20 and fill out the Google form or message us their orders. The orders will be dropped off at the school front teak steps to ensure the safety of all of our purchasers. We are also working on expanding this fundraiser and opening an ISY online shop to make the ordering process faster and easier. Keep up with us for more information and updates on the peace garden and fundraiser!


Written by LatYa 

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