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Coco-Nuts for Helping

One of ISY’s key service learning groups, Community Kitchen, has been working on exciting things over the course of this school year in order to…

PPE – Providing Philanthropic Equipment

The Yangon COVID Project (YCP), founded by two ISY students, is a non-profit organization dedicated towards helping the COVID-19 relief effort in Yangon. YCP's initial…

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One small step for MUN, one giant leap for MUNkind

| ISY | No Comments
On Dec 12, 2020, ISY students from both Middle and High School attended a virtual Model United Nations Conference, the second-ever Virtual YMUN conference. This…

To Dye For

| LatYa | No Comments
Hey everyone! We’re a new service group at ISY called Lat Ya! We were previously known as “Doh Eain'' as we were affiliated with the…

Shooting Goals

| United World Schools | No Comments
December has come around and that means it’s time for ISY’s annual UWS Sports-a-Thon! On Saturday, December 12th, the United World Schools service learning group…

ISY’s Got Baskets

| Community Action, ISY, STUCO (HS), STUCO (MS) | No Comments
December Baskets has been an ongoing tradition in the ISY community for many years, where we honor and express gratitude for our local staff during…