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The One and Only ISY Service-Learning News Beloved by the Readers

All global articles feel like newspaper articles and I think that’s really cool. I think it has a lot of potential to become a large, very influential and innovative group in 2-3 years time.

Comment by an Ardent Reader

I think a website is definitely a new, creative and different way that I’ve seen service learning being spread around the school. The teamwork for creating the website must have required cooperation and needless to say, the articles posted are informative of what’s going on at school.

Comment by Another Ardent Reader

Recent Stories

The Initial Spark

On December 4th and 5th, 2019, ten organizations that are actively advocating for the environment in Yangon visited ISY as part of the “Earth Day Spark” event. The idea behind this event was to connect ISY students and teachers with organizations that are fighting to...

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TOK Talks Compassion

On November 14th, the eleventh grade students were given the opportunity to attend a Theory of Knowledge compassion conference led by three guest speakers: Katy Webley, Sayadaw U Nodhinana, and Daw Kathleen Thein. The objective of the conference was for students to...

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Elementarily Compassionate

The elementary school has been deeply involved in service learning this school year. Last week, Global interviewed two of the elementary student-centered service learning groups: “Compassionate Chinthes” and “Compassion and Kindness.” They meet every Thursday and...

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