“I am looking forward to playing in a (soccer) team here at ISY. I am happy that I can help someone with my talent.” – Mateo

A student who participated in ‘2018 Sports-A-Thon’ is showing a trick using a soccer ball.

On December 8th, 2018, students and teachers gathered at ISY to participate in the ‘2018 Sports-A-Thon,’ the event where people can set a goal related to sports, such as doing five hundred jumping jacks, or running laps on the field, and when that goal is reached, a certain amount of money is donated by the sponsor. The money will be used to build schools for children in Myanmar who do not have access to education with the cooperation of the NGO United World Schools (UWS). As it was an opportunity for students and teachers to help others using their talents, every participant’s face was full of joy.

Mateo is posing for the photo with his soccer ball.

Mateo, an elementary student attending ISY, was enjoying kicking a soccer ball. Whenever he scored, he could not help but break into a big smile. Mateo said that this event was an opportunity to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as he could practice soccer which is his talent while he can help others. He also mentioned an ambitious goal that he wants to play in a soccer team here at ISY. He showed determination to accomplish making “a total of 300 goals” into the net.

Touch rugby team including Shun Lei May and their team coaches are taking a group photo.

Shun Lei May used her skill honed through experience in the school touch rugby team to run 30 minutes passing the ball to her teammate. She mentioned that “although it was hard, I achieved my goal” and after the achievement exclaimed that, “I feel proud and glad” as her effort today “can be used for students who cannot enjoy the right to be educated.”

Ms. Powers is posing for the photo with UWS sticker attached on her clothes.

Christina Powers, the principal of the secondary school, also joined in the fun. She described her satisfaction after successfully running 19 laps around the field, saying “I feel like I am helping others.” Mrs. Powers, who decided to join the event because she wanted to be a part of bringing the community together, expressed that “today was wonderful.” She further added that UWS, the organization that made a partnership with the school, is essential and it is good to see a lot of students participating in this event for this.

Nadya who organized the event as a part of the UWS group is posing for the photo.

Nadya Kozlinkskikh, part of the UWS team and one of the students who organized the Sports-a-thon event, set an impressive goal of 1000 jumping jacks. . After accomplishing this, she mentioned how “the turnout was great. We didn’t know these many people were coming” and “we will definitely be hosting more events like this.”

After laps of cartwheeling on the field, to sprinting while holding tires, to an insane amount of jump roping, over 3,000 dollars was raised through the participation of students and teachers during this event. With this, ISY met the goal to reach 10,000 dollars before the end of 2018. ISY will be holding various events in the future to support ISY’s partnership with UWS.


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