On January 19, 2019, Myanmar Children Health Project (MCHP), a non-profit student-led organization, celebrated its one year anniversary by starting its most ambitious project so far yet. Currently, the goal is to vaccinate 1000 children for Hepatitis B by the end of 2020. The group has finished vaccinating about 484 children. MCHP hopes to start Project 6 soon, preferably early March, with goals to vaccinate about 250 children.


“Even though I see the kids cry, I know for sure that this is for their good. Just this thought alone makes me smile. I appreciate every moment of MCHP. I love watching these local kids, come in looking all scared, and most leaving feeling like a hero, no longer afraid of the long, pointy needle thingy called a vaccine. But this particular project, I particularly loved the vibe of the whole thing. As in, every single member in MCHP was doing so well. Every single member was not only doing their jobs well but was also enjoying every single moment of it. I could tell. Whether it be Alex holding a little girl’s hand to tell her everything’s gonna be okay, the needle is not that scary, or Naddy losing all sense of dignity and barking like a dog for charades, or Erica passionately clicking away on her camera. Every single person was amazing. Even Ms. Tang, our temporary supervisor who originally came to do her reports, was enjoying herself.” – Shin Shin 

Ms. Tang being the model for MCHP by advertising our shirts. This shirt is being sold at 7,000 Kyats. Talk to Swan for more. / Photographed by Naddy


Swan and Shin Shin in the picture. Notice Jacob in the back doing his job as a photographer! / Photographed by Richie


This little boy is a year and 8 months old. He is one of the three children that the monk adopted at an early age. / Photographed by Erica


Alex telling this little boy, it’s okay, vaccines don’t hurt. It’s like a little ant bite. Look at me instead of your arm. / Photographed by Erica


James giving this boy a snack saying he did an excellent job, wasn’t so scary right? / Photographed by Erica


James trying really really had to comfort this little girl. / Photographed by Erica


Alex distracting the boy from the vaccine by asking “Who’s more handsome, that go go gyi (older brother)” while pointing at Swan, “or me?” / Photographed by Yvonne


Even Alex is surprised that this kid isn’t scared and is even smiling. / Photographed by Jacob


Shin Shin explaining Hepatitis B to the kids. “Hepatitis B is an infection that affects the liver. So for example, if I’m Hepatitis B. And Erica is the liver. I will stick onto Erica (*hugs Erica and tells her to fall down*) and then she will die. (*Erica falls to the ground*) OH NO ERICA’S DEAD! Get it?” / Photographed by Jacob


Naddy and Steven playing charades with the tested children waiting for the vaccines. / Photographed by Richie


MCHP trying to get the kids ready for a group photo; pretty hard with 260 kids. / Photographed by Yvonne


Finally, the group photo. / Photographed by Victor


“Since this our most ambitious project so far. I was really exhilarated to have arrived at the place. This place is really special as our most ambitious project turned out to be the most successful. Despite vaccinating 260 children none of them were tested of already having Hepatitis B. Hearing this news concerned me. The reason I do this service group is to see these children smile; I get excited just from being a helping hand in the community.” – Swan 


If you would like to donate, feel free to email myanmarchp@gmail.com or directly talk to Casey Jang (Shin Shin) jangc@isyedu.org or Swan Pyi Aung (Swan) aungs@isyedu.org.


  • Article by MCHP (Shin Shin).
  • Published by Global (Haein, Hayman, Phaebe & Mr. Sturmey).

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