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Although the 2020-21 school year has started off rather differently than expected, one thing that hasn’t changed is the level of compassion and enthusiasm among our service groups. The first session of after school activities started on Monday, Sept 28th and most service groups got a chance to reconvene virtually and further discuss their plans for the upcoming school year. The groups also used this time to identify potential challenges that come with going virtual, exploring ways to overcome these obstacles. 

In addition to returning service groups, Global is excited to introduce 3 new groups: Diverse Identities Alliance (DIA), Green Initiative, and Music Mentorship. 

Here’s what our leaders had to say about their experiences so far with their respective service learning groups:

Microloans- “COVID-19 has created many obstacles for us as it has limited the ways that we can get money out, so we are trying to figure out ways to virtually give out loans. Although this is a difficult time for everybody, we are excited to see how we are going to overcome these challenges and continue helping the community around us.” 

Youth Action Aid– “Despite challenges and restrictions to communication, YAA is committed to providing aid for the youth of Myanmar through raising awareness about Covid-19, as well as organizing events to bring the ISY community together virtually” 

Girl Up – “Our sessions will be starting in November, and we aim to start in full swing, despite whatever challenges virtual learning may bring with it.”

Yangon Animal Shelter – “YAS’s aim for this year is to focus on spreading awareness about the inhumane methods of tackling the overpopulation of stray dogs in Yangon. Since we are unable to physically fundraise during this trying time for us all, we would still like to keep our volunteers and supporters up to date with our news. We will be posting regularly on our instagram and facebook to help raise awareness about YAS and educate our community about this issue.”

UWS – “UWS continues to be committed and eager towards further developing and advancing our Wan Kaung School partnership, and further funding for the education of the children. Through our online meetings, we are currently focusing on ideas for “virtual” fundraising events, as well as ways we can continue to raise awareness to our general community about the importance of our project.” 

Doh Eain – “Despite the challenges of moving virtual, our team is discussing our design plans for the peace garden as well as various ways to fundraise money for purchasing and building materials since our pre-existing plans have been postponed.”

Community Action – “Community Action is dedicated to giving back to the community in whatever way possible, but also learning from it. Our first virtual meet was extremely successful with our members, new and old, sharing ideas and discussing our progress from last year. We are looking forward to seeing our new members choose the specific projects they would like to work on, and are optimistic about our upcoming projects!”

HS StuCo – “HS STUCO has been committed to supporting the student body in whatever way we can, and so far we’ve found lots of ways to do so, whether in the form of service learning grants, Teacher Appreciation day, or simply feedback forms.” 

Music Mentorship – “The new Music Mentorship program is pairing beginning musicians in Middle School with older students who have played the same instruments for many years. Many interested students have signed up and lessons will commence as soon as students are able to obtain instruments from school!”

Diverse Identities Alliance (DIA) – “DIA has welcomed students from high school and middle school who are eager to learn about communities that need their help. Our current project involves introducing them to the diversity of identities in the world in a conversational activity format, with the highschoolers leading the discussion!”

Eco Schools – “This year Eco-Schools is aiming to earn ISY a Green Flag! This involves successfully walking through a 7 step program that includes the whole school working on Eco-friendly practices. ISY is on its way towards successfully completing the 7 step program. We will need help from everyone to accomplish this goal.” 

Green Initiative – “We will strive to educate the community on waste management pertaining to plastic and trash. The group will also work on creating environmental initiatives that will engage the entire student body from elementary to high school.”


Here are a couple of pictures from the service learning groups last year.

Girl Up’s Color Run

Trash Heroes

Community Action


Our students are working hard to make a positive impact on the community during challenging times and we can’t wait to see what milestones they reach. Don’t forget to check Global as we report on the progress of all the service learning groups throughout the year! 

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