Roots and Shoots, inspired by Jane Goodall, is a program founded to make a better world. A small group of rooters and shooters has been set up at ISY. The group is, for now, an elementary service learning group consisting of students in grades 3-5. Recently, five students, Jen, Milly, John, Akari, and Evan, who are actively participating in Roots and Shoots, met with Global to talk about what they are doing.

Roots and Shoots members are posing in front of the camera. / Photographed by Haein

The overall goal of the group is to help the environment by doing what we can at school. To accomplish this, the students are learning about the recycling process, how to reduce the amount of trash we produce and cleaning up around the school. They make posters that raise awareness about the importance of the environment, and instead of stopping at the learning stage, they are further taking action to solve the problems they learned.

“To help the environment, little steps are important,” the students said in chorus. They urged people to use less plastic and to produce less trash by using reusable containers rather than single-use ones.

Ms. Tabitha Davis, an elementary school teacher leading this activity, could not help herself from complimenting the students. “They are really enthusiastic,” she said. She also mentioned how glad she is to work with these students on environmental activities. She then outlined her plan to extend this group by collaborating with other environment-related service groups in middle school and high school.

The future is bright with these passionate children who inspire and remind us that the little things are what makes the significant differences.


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