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By January 15, 2020 United World Schools

On December 7th, the United World Schools (UWS) Service Group hosted their second annual Sports-A-Thon! The donations were much needed to fund the needs of the school that ISY built with UWS in the Wan Kaung Village. 

Sports-A-Thon is an event where people can set an athletic goal, such as doing push-ups, squats, or running laps on the field, and when that goal is reached, a certain amount of money is donated by a sponsor. This year, a total of $3,480 USD was raised through these sponsorships. 


― Photographed by Hyemin

― Photographed by Hyemin

A highlight of this year’s Sports-A-Thon was including the use of the swimming pool, where synchronized and lap swimming activities were held. Other activities included running, tight-rope walking, unicycling, juggling, football and baseball. All teachers enthusiastically showed up on that day as well and helped out with the booths and kept the event orderly. 

“It’s nice to see the whole school involved, and come together as a community and enjoy themselves while making a difference,” said one of the participants, pointing to the vast amount of activities taking place on the field.  

Another student commented, “By participating in this event, I was able to have fun with my friends while knowing that a change for a good cause has been made.”


― Photographed by Hyemin

― Photographed by Hyemin

ISY being part of the UWS project comes with monetary goals that need to be met each year. The first year of the project required $30,000 to be raised, which ISY accomplished in 2019. That initial donation was used to build the school itself. For the following 10 years, ISY needs to raise $10,000 each year as management funds for the Wan Kaung School running – this includes paying the teachers, buying equipment, building maintenance, electric and water bills, and more. 

The next major event to support the Wan Kaung Village school will be “Family Fun Night” which will be March 7th, 2020. Stay tuned for future events supporting United World Schools to help them achieve their goal to educate the children of Wan Kaung.

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