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Youth Action Aid (YAA)

YAA is a service learning group where we focus on the youth of Myanmar and we tackle different ways to improve or solve issues which are occurring. Whether it is to with natural disasters, education, and more, we focus on one area each year and we carry out mainly merchandise projects (t-shirts, shoes..etc), awareness projects, along with small events. Whether it is designing, drawing, planning, any skill the members have will be a part of providing aid for the youth.

Grade Levels
HS (G9-12)
Tuesdays, 3:15-4:15 pm
Student Leaders
Jun, Wine
Paul Self
  • As of Oct 26, 2020
Youth Action Aid

I Be Ready

Youth Action Aid launched their new website, “YAA Academics”, which aims to help answer questions about high school and the IBDP. In accordance with their…
March 17, 2021
Youth Action Aid

YAA #SquadGhouls

To get into the Halloween spirit, Youth Action Aid (YAA) held a virtual read-aloud for elementary students on October 23rd. Over fifty lively elementary students…
November 5, 2020