Last week, MS Community Kitchen prepared food together as a group for the first time. It was their second meeting, the first having been a planning session. Students brought in various fruits that were used to make fruit skewers for the Kyaik Waing Disabled Children Care Center. The 16 members spent the afternoon cutting up pieces of fruit and skewering them.

A few students were asked how they felt about contributing to and being part of this service learning group. Several responded with “It’s pretty fun, and I know it’s for a good cause,” and others said that they were satisfied with how they served their community, “I’ll get to know that I’ve helped someone get food.” 

Photograph Taken By Hayman Han

Prof, one of the adult supervisors of this service learning group, commented on how this group runs on their own contributions and out of their own purpose and dedication. “We don’t run on any funds,” she said, “all of the money and materials are from our own members. I think this shows the amount of commitment and determination the students possess for our group.” She also mentioned how MS Community Kitchen is open to more members to evenly spread out contributions.

Photograph Taken By Hayman Han

Once the skewers were prepared, they were sent to the care center through ISY transport that same day. The MS Community Kitchen plans on preparing and sending food to this care center and potentially other organizations every two weeks. Every alternating week where food is not prepared, the students engage in a reflection session where they reflect on their experiences, what they thought went well and how they could improve for the coming week, and what challenges they overcame. 

Photograph Taken By Hayman Han

This was one of many of the rewarding experiences these students will have. Trips to the care center may also be carried out for students to gain a first-hand view of their positive impact on the community around them. MS Community Kitchen looks forward to serving the community further not only by preparing and distributing food but also by interacting with the recipients and showing how impactful small actions like these can be.

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