Girl Up

Girl Up Yangon is part of a international organization connected to the UN that works towards women’s empowerment and gender equality. The main goals of this group are to create awareness in order to advocate for change, to take action within the community and foster tolerance. Being part of Girl Up means you are part of a movement that works toward raising awareness within our school and expanding to the greater Yangon community. This is done through discussions of what issues women today face and proposing solutions that are both creative and unique. Girl Up is always looking for proactive and openminded individuals who believe in equality and aren’t afraid to take action in order to see change.

Grade Levels
MS & HS (G6-12)
Tuesday Lunch @D102
Student Leaders
Aisha Kirkwood
Sarah Leonardis, Christina Powers
  • As of May 20, 2020
Girl Up

Composting Gender Roles

Over the past two weeks of advisory sessions, Girl Up presented students at ISY the opportunity to expand their knowledge on gender equality in preparation for International Women’s Day which is on March 8th.  On February 27th, a guest speaker, Khaing Wai Hnin, presented to students her experience as a Burmese woman interested in information technology. She currently works at…
March 6, 2020
Girl Up

Running Away From Pink and Blue

Early Saturday morning of January 25, students and families from both the ISY and YIS communities gathered at the YIS campus to take part in the 2020 Color Run. The event was a collaboration between ISY’s Girl Up and YIS’s Building Blocks service-learning groups. Participants of all ages ran either 2 km or 5 km around the quiet neighborhood surrounding…
February 6, 2020
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The Greatest Service Learning Day of the Year

ISY’s annual Olympiad was held on the 24th of January which was then followed by a Service Learning Afternoon, where over twenty service learning groups at ISY were given the rest of the afternoon to carry out “Service Actions” which were either on or off-campus to help students gain further awareness, interact with the community and help those in need. …
January 30, 2020
Girl Up

Drawing Conclusions

On March 28th, the Girl-Up team had their first activity specially made for the elementary classes, inspired by a YouTube video, “A Class That Turned Around Kids' Assumptions of Gender Roles!” The Girl-Up team entered three elementary classes (Ms. Davis’ 1st grade, Ms.Simpson’s 3rd grade, and Ms. Tegenfeldt’s 5th grade, with the help of Ms. Janzen and Ms. Sheppard) with…
April 3, 2019