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This is STUCO!

They will act as the liaison between the student body of the school and the ISY faculty and administration. It will organize and direct school-sanctioned student body activities as desired by the majority of the student body, including fund-raising activities to sustain the various operation of the council (e.g., dance nights, sports nights, etc.). STUCO will support charitable organizations such as orphanages and hospitals by donating a portion of the funds raised throughout the year and promoting community service involvement by high school students. And lastly, STUCO will promote school spirit among the student body by being role models.

If you feel like you are a leader, and can make our student body a greater place, join us!

Grade Levels
HS (G9-12)
Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15 pm
Student Leaders
Sammy, Steven
Ron Fast
  • As of Oct 26, 2020