On March 21st, a group of ISY teachers visited the Basic Education High School Shwe Thaung Yan, situated in the Ayeyarwady Division. This is the same school that the students who went on the December 2019 WWW Mangroves trip visited, where laptops and small printers were donated. This time, ISY donated a large photocopier that was left unused in the tech office.

The Shwe Thaung Yan high school reached out to ISY, as they were hosting a testing center but could not print out materials for it. As an unused photocopier and extra toners were already available in the ISY tech office, the teacher supervisors that went on the WWW mangroves trip, Mr. Koronkiewicz, Mr. Zarli, Coach Win, and Ms. Every, decided to go back to the Shwe Thaung Yan school to donate it. 

When the faculty members arrived at the school, the teachers and administrators warmly greeted them, as well as the new head of the school. An elaborate ceremony and dinner were held in recognition of the donation, and ISY was presented a letter of thanks. “We were very happy that we were there supporting them,” said Mr. Koronkiewicz. “They also gave us an invitation to come back again. We left them our contact numbers, but as the school term has ended, we have not heard from them back.” 

The Shwe Thaung Yan school is the only school in the region where mangroves projects happen. As a result, the students are also involved in learning about mangroves and are very much engaged in the project. For example, the organization that is supporting the mangroves project is teaching those who live in the area how to make firewood out of different materials other than wood from the mangroves, as this used to be their main source of wood used for cooking. The children of Shwe Thaung Yan are learning to live more sustainable lives, supporting the mangroves movement, and getting the education they need for a future of change for the better. 

Building upon the connection and experiences ISY has had with the Shwe Thaung Yan school and the mangrove-planting region, we expect a continuous partnership with them. Knowing the needs that the people in the village have, ISY hopes to have a more productive WWW mangroves trip next school year and build a yet stronger partnership.

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